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Q&A Monday: From my ‘Get to Know Me Asks’ Post on Tumblr

Q&A Monday: From my ‘Get to Know Me Asks’ Post on Tumblr

Hello friends!

Last May my boyfriend Craig (who at the time was just a friend) and I spent a bunch of time trading lists of questions that we would answer and send back to get to know each other better. It was kind of like a 21 questions deal over text message since he lives in The Bahamas and I’m in the States. Since I had around 80 compiled, he helped me come up with enough to make it an even 100. Then I posted the list on Tumblr as a “Get To Know Me Asks” Post. Since then it’s gotten almost 5,000 notes making it by far my most popular post. It’s been really fun to read people’s answers and I thought that I could make it a series on here to answer 10 a week as a way for my followers to get to know me. Even better, I’m hoping that you guys will answer the questions too, either in the comments or in a post of your own. You can reblog my original Tumblr post here! If you do the challenge be sure to tag me and link this post so I can get to know more about you too!

1. What were your summers like as a kid?

I read constantly! When it wasn’t hot I spent a lot of time outside with the neighborhood cat. I also went to summer camp a few times and every year I attended VBS at my church.

2. Do you enjoy thrilling rides like rollercoasters?

Ah, no. I’m super scared of heights! I haven’t been on many but every time I screamed bloody murder.

3. Who was your childhood hero?

Jane Goodall! I wanted to work with animals, but now that I’m older I know that I definitely couldn’t sit in the jungle and watch chimpanzees for hours because I’m scared shitless of spiders. (You, an empath, sensing that I am an anxious person. And you would be correct.)

4. What is your favorite book?

Anything by Sarah J. Maas. If I absolutely had to choose I would say Kingdom of Ash. I also have an emotional attachment to North of Beautiful by Justina Chen. If you ever are looking for book recs you can find some on my Goodreads and of course, I post book reviews on here!

Queen Maas always going to come for your ass

5. What do you find most attractive about your crush?

This one was so difficult. There are so many I could say! I guess I’d have to say Craig’s energy. He gives off such warm and loving vibes and the way he carries himself is just really attractive. I’ve always told him that he embodies sunshine and if you see him smile or hear him laugh you would definitely understand what I mean.

6. What’s your favorite outfit?

My dark wash skinny jeans, my black TWLOHA tee shirt, a black hoodie, and my black dr. martens. No, I don’t often wear bright colors, lol. This is assuming I can’t just be wearing my pajamas.

7. Does seeing people in love make you happy? Sad? Annoyed?

It used to make me annoyed, but now it usually makes me happy. I’ve turned into a sap.

8. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

Oh my gosh yes. I sleep in a ridiculous nest made up of 6 pillows, my BT21 RJ plushie, and a stuffed dog named Loki. I can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep unless I’m holding something and RJ is a perfect size.

Jin definitely loves his BT21 child the most out of all the members

9. What CD did you play to death as a kid?

There are several. Metamorphosis by Hilary Duff, Tapestries by Carole King, Room to Breathe by ZOEgirl, Steady On by Point of Grace, and Simply Nothing by Shawn McDonald. If you were a kid in a Christian household in the late nineties or early 2000s then I may have just unearthed a memory from deep within the recesses of your brain. I’m not sure whether I should say “I’m sorry” or “You’re welcome”… I really don’t.

10. Hike to a mountain top to watch the sunrise or drive out of town to stargaze?

STARGAZIIIIIIING! I’m known for losing my mind over anything celestial-themed because I love the stars. I haven’t even gone on a proper stargazing trip! I will one day though and I may cry. Before I die I want to see the Northern Lights.

Let me know if you feel the same way about any of these and feel free to answer the questions as I said before! I’m hoping to get to know more bloggers 🥰 Also a quick note: I’m not planning on keeping up this posting schedule. I’ve posted several times this week because I’m trying to get this blog off the ground! So, while I have the time I’m going to be more active than normal. It also helps me for testing out what works best for me as a blogger. When I settle on a more permanent posting schedule I’ll let you know. Thanks so much for reading!

Friday Favorites: Min Yoongi’s Instagram update, Sk8 the Infinity, +other things that made me happy this week

Friday Favorites: Min Yoongi’s Instagram update, Sk8 the Infinity, +other things that made me happy this week

Hello again friends!

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I decided that since my last post was more emotional and serious that I would make today’s a bit more fun! It’s a pretty unoriginal title but it fits for the things that have been making me smile lately. Since I’ve been down I’ve been trying to take joy in the little things when I can. I also just really love making lists so why not make a list of things that I find special? Perhaps they will make you smile too!

1. Min Yoongi’s Instagram post

If you know me or follow me on Twitter or Tumblr you know I am a HUGE fan of BTS. As in certified Army and the assigned resident fangirl in my social circle. The members and their music has brought so much freaking joy in my life and their special on Weverse, In the Soop, actually helped me to pull out of a depressive episode in 2020. My bias is undoubtedly Yoongi and has been since I discovered them. I just couldn’t resist his duality with the way he jumps from destroying us with his insane rapping ability to grumpy old man (whose actually the world’s biggest sweetheart). Since the boys are taking a break right now (supposedly… they keep posting pictures of them in the studio though…) they each have opened their own Instagram accounts and it has been an entertaining mess as they’ve gotten used to the platform. Yoongi has obviously gotten the hang of it though because LOOK AT HIM NOW. I can’t even explain what it is about these pictures that I love so much. They’re just so wholesome. Maybe it’s what my friend Kathryn describes as “the Father 2000s” that he’s rocking on his feet in the second picture. What a goddamn delight. Also, if you know nothing about BTS somehow and want to listen to one of Yoongi’s songs you can watch his music video for Daechwita below, which he released under his rap name Agust D.

2. This essential oil diffuser I got on Amazon

Sometimes I find joy from shopping online when I really shouldn’t. I should be saving money. I don’t feel sorry for this one though. When I say the arrival of this package in the mail made my entire day I am not exaggerating. I had been planning on getting a humidifier instead (it says humidifier in the title but it doesn’t really create enough steam to classify as one) I was so enticed by the thought of diffusing essential oils that I caved and bought this instead. I use only half the drops it calls for because I don’t want the scent to be too strong in my room, but it still smells amazing. I really adore the nightlight function of it and I find a stupid amount of joy in matching the color of this thing to the remote control fairy lights on my wall. Sometimes it’s seriously the little things. The essential oils I bought for it are from here.

3. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

Shout out to my friend Paige for recommending this to me! Last time I saw her I couldn’t believe how radiant her skin looked. She has beautiful, clear skin normally but her makeup almost made her look like she was wearing a filter! When she told me she swore by this product I was surprised since CC creams are generally light coverage. However, I ran out and bought it and holy hell is this worth the money. A little bit goes a long way and the coverage is amazing. In the time it would take me to use this entire bottle I would likely spend more re-purchasing my Maybelline foundation than I did for this one. The best part though is how lightweight it is. I don’t even notice I’m wearing it once it sets but it covers my acne so much I only need a little concealer. My only other note about it is that if you have dry skin you may need to double moisturize in the winter before wearing this. I don’t know if it’s because this season has been more intense weather-wise but I have been using a heavier night cream and pairing my daytime moisturizer with a hydrating primer so that dry spots don’t show up when I apply my makeup. I can’t tell if this is an issue unique to using it in the cold weather months since I’ve only been using it for about a month, so I will update you guys when the season changes. I bought mine at Ulta but you can also buy it on the IT Cosmetics website.

4. SK8 the Infinity

Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t live in my state anymore and my boyfriend lives in The Bahamas, so I can’t get together with people to watch stuff very often. Recently three of my friends and I have been watching anime together over Discord and it’s been so so fun. First, we watched Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan (so great if you love dark humor) and then this week we watched SK8 the Infinity. My friend Liv had been sending artwork of two characters Joe and Cherry for a while, so I was excited to watch it. I was not disappointed. This show cheered me up, made me laugh, and Reki was super relatable. It’s a great anime to watch if you aren’t super familiar with the genre. Sports anime in general is awesome and if you liked Haikyuu!! or Yuri on Ice (which is what we’re watching now) then you may enjoy this one. Langa is on my favorite character list now (unsurprising) and don’t even get me started on JOE. What a man. I don’t have too much else to say at the moment except go watch it. Oh, and I made you a cute valentine of Reki and Langa to send to your weeb friends. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

5. Dreamcatcher’s song “Scream”

As far as girl groups go Dreamcatcher is undoubtedly my favorite. They have such a unique sound and aesthetic that just suits me so well. Several of their songs are serious bangers and they have strong vocals and choreography, which is not always a guarantee. This music video is gorgeous and I’m such a sucker for a fantasy theme. Badass women dressed to slay? Say no more. Every time I watch this Dalmi stands out to me and I am 100% certain that she is very popular with queer K-pop stans, because damn. She is SO cool. Maybe I’m projecting though. 🤷‍♀️ If you like this song I highly recommend listening to their other songs, especially “Odd Eye” and “Boca”. I can’t wait to listen to their whole discography and learn more about the members. If history is to repeat itself, I will end up knowing all their names by next week.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today! In the future I will also make designated posts for my favorite makeup, music, shopping finds, TV/movies, and celebrities, but I hope that you enjoyed this Favorites Friday. If you’ve been enjoying my recent book reviews and personal updates subscribe and also please comment or send me messages! Are you a fan of anything on this list? Let me know below! Also, you can find me on Goodreads and Twitter, so get in touch with me there!