About Me

Picture taken by my wonderful friend Kathryn Pearce

Welcome friends!

Thank you for stopping by! This site is my organized dumping ground, creative outlet, and space for me to share the things that have been inspiring me lately. So much of my world is centered on storytelling through different mediums, and no matter what direction life has taken me I have always come back to academics and entertainment to help better sort out my thoughts and feelings.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in Human Services and I volunteer at an organization that supports survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and human trafficking. My background has played a huge part in my growth and will influence my content quite a bit. For the most part my blog will be filled with personal life and travel updates, humor, and product and book reviews. You will find I write a lot on topics surrounding mental health, social science, entertainment, history, literature, and women’s health and empowerment. My goal for this page is to be open about my experiences and feelings in hopes that my vulnerability may help someone else.

In my downtime, I enjoy reading, playing the elder scrolls online, making up new recipes, fangirling over BTS, watching anime with my friends, and flirting or sharing memes with my long-distance boyfriend, Craig. Oh, and binging cat videos on tik tok.

I hope that if you relate to me or are entertained by my rather eclectic blog you’ll comment or shoot me a message. I’d love to hear from you guys!


My site logo is a portrait of me done by the incredible @monolimeart.



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